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Publications, posters, patents, etc.

  1. Structural and functional biomarkers of conversion to Alzheimer’s Disease by Debottam Kundu, Varsha Sreenivasan, Guruprasath G., Devarajan Sridharan, a poster presentation at Tata Grant Review 2016.

  2. Study of Engineered Features and Learning Features in Machine Learning – A Case Study in Document Classification by Arpan Sen, Shrestha Ghosh, Debottam Kundu, Debleena Sarkar.

  3. Structural and Functional Biomarkers of Conversion to Alzheimer’s Disease at AAIC Symposium 2017 by Shreya Rajagopal, Karthik Malladi, Debottam Kundu, Sridharan Devarajan.

  4. Query Classification and Processing Using Neural Network Based Machine Learning by A.Maheshwari, V.Pasham, S.Mahajan and D.Kundu, filed patent (pending approval).

  5. Color, Emotion and Cognitive Maps by Roberto Bottini, Jean Victor Steinlein and Debottam Kundu, a poster presentation at Psychonomics 2021.


  1. Hosted a 2 hour MRI lab to get the workshop attendees familiar with fMRI and MRI pre-processing at the 5th Bangalore Cognition Workshop 2018.


  1. TOEFL : 112/120
  2. GRE : 331/340 (Quant/Verbal: 170/161)
Biting comic about science from nathiel Biting comic about science from nathiel Biting comic about science from nathiel
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