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I list some projects that I work on during my free time. These are very irrelevant things, of no consequence at all. However, if you find some use for them, all the better.

Color-bar generator

You can use this to basically generate a bar code like color scheme for any picture, any scene in a movie, or even plot the most dominant colors in a movie almost frame by frame. The results are quite interesting, I got carried away when I was looking at some color schemes in Wes Anderson movies. You can find the repository link here.1

Tmdb poster downloader

If you want high quality movie posters for some reason, you can use this to download them from the movie database. It is not very involved, and mostly piggy backs on a very well written api. However, if you want to use it, you’ll find it here.1

The Seen and the Unseen scrapper

This nifty bit of code basically scrapes the copius show notes that Amit releases with his episodes and puts all the book recommendations in a csv file that you can add to your reading list, or use it to buy them from amazon (or preferably your local bookseller). Check it out here.1

  1. I’ll put up the links soon. They are just empty redirects for now. Sorry!  2 3

Biting comic about science from nathiel Biting comic about science from nathiel Biting comic about science from nathiel
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